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In “Healing the Nation”, Dr. Dorothy R. Swygert shares her model for restoring America to a moral state. Her three-fold presentation [Connection, Disconnection and Reconnection] recalls the early history of African Americans and sheds light on the origin of the nation. Swygert examines how the moral supports of society have crumbled since the 1960s, and looks forward at the likely results of this decline if the nation fails to turn around. Dr. Swygert invites each one of us to join in the work of strengthening our nation by nurturing our children and rebuilding the institutions that once guided our lives—home, church, school and community. She says, “We can and must unite to steer our ship through troubled waters, and we can come of age through our most precious resource—our posterity. Included are current prison statistics and other vital resources to show the need to restore hope in neighborhoods across the nation. Hardback, 247 pp., ISBN: 978-0-9648737-2-8. $24.95.



Black Trilogy Plus by Dorothy R. Swygert

Black Trilogy Plus, a book of plays covering three major epochs of African American history. The first play, Lest We Forget, 1860s gives a peering view of American slavery through the eyes of the slave master, the overseer, and the black preacher. The second play, Black Renaissance, 1915-1939 portrays the African American experience as a rebirth, “from cotton picking hands to creative minds” on the stage of Harlem, NY USA. The third play, The Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955 tells the 55-year-old story how African Americans held a 381-day bus boycott under the leadership of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. in their quest to achieve first-class citizenship. 144 pp., historic photos, ISBN: 978-0-9648737-3-5. $14.95

-History and culture of African Americans

-Transmit the history to the next generation


The Mustard Seed Collection

The Mustard Seed Collection by Dr. Dorothy R. Swygert

The Mustard Seed Collection is a golden treasure of plays and dramatic vignettes depicting the life of Jesus as He traveled through villages and towns ministering to those in need and teaching neighbors to live peacefully in community. This publication is designed for production in the Sunday Church School and other civic youth activities. This book is a collection of plays to celebrate holidays and special events. There is a take away package with educational activities to encourage learning through interaction. 128 pp., ISBN: 978-0-09648737-4-2, $14.95.

-Emphasizes community values

-Teaches discipline and self-control

-Cultivates critical thinking

-Cultivates a sense of right and wrong

-Nurtures a love and caring attitude towards one’s neighbor

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